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334                                  XJFE  OF
their productions into the first society, a.nd thus obtain-
ing reputation and honour for true art.
When the Humboldts arrived in Home they found
Thorwaldsen.  already there, and  an inferior  German
sculptor, Heiniich Keller, from Zurich.  Of painters they
liad the Austrian pensioner, Abel;  the young- Schick
from Stiittgart; then the landscape-painter, Carl Rein-
hardt; the well-known veteran of German art in Home,
Joseph   Koch, Tyrolez,   and the Englishman Wallis;
the   drawer  and   copper-plate  engraver., Imelin;   the
landscape-drawer., Carl Grass; and the portrait-painter.,
Angelica Kaufmann.     Each year brought a new relay
of talents, principally of those who had already adopted
the modern romantic  school.     Among these are the
sculptors Hauch and IPranz Tieck ; of painters, the two
brothers Riepenhausen, Wagner of Wiirzburg,  Jage-
mann of "Weimar,   Plainer  of Leipzic,  and   Leybold
^tnd Steinkopf from Stuttgart.     We must not forget
Muller,  who   is indeed  better  known  as   a painter,
.and who   remained an  amateur   in   art,  but  who  is
valuable    as   a   connoisseur   and   critic.      Humboldt
seems to have been partial to Imelin, and names him.
to Schiller as an extremely upright man.     Grass also
was a welcome guest.     He was not a great artist, but
a variously cultivated man, and an enthusiastic admirer
of Schiller,  and best  known for the  description  of a
Sicilian journey.     His poetry was only a poor imita-
tion of the great master.     His talent seems  to  have
been devoted to the eŁ MOrgenblatt/' which contained
his cc Farewell to Summer/' dedicated to Madame von,
Hmnboldt.   Humboldt himself joked with him.    Thus
we are told by some one who visited the family in
Albano in autumn, and who purposed looking at the
country before dinner, that  Htimboldt said,   " If you
should meet a man whose one   shirt collar falls down
while the  other rises up  very high, you   have  that
geniiis the landscape-painter Grass before you,"     The
stranger found this satirical announcement confirmed
by the reality.
But Schick,  Thorwaldsen, and Rauch, were those